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Final Concept Design by Teague
Render by: SeeThree
Teague x Virgin Hyperloop
A winning client proposal by Teague to Virgin with immersive and detailed design experience for the first ever Hyperloop One. 
During my internship at Teague, I was fortunate enough to work at the Global Design Studio during the 2 week sprint to formulate a design proposal to Virgin for their first ever look into the Hyperloop experience.

The final design can be posted on the Teague website.
Project Experience Design
Discipline  ID + UX Design
Duration  1 Week 
Team Teague
Timeline and Role
Week 01.
Project Onboarding - Initial Ideation
Feature Set of Three Distinct Design Directions
Analogous Inspiration - Light, Material, Color, Info
Week 02.
LOPA Design 
"Location of Passenger Accommodation"
Seat Design
Fuselage Layout Design 
VR Walkthrough Validation
TEAGUE 3.jpg
Mass Transit Marvel
Maximum throughput and durability
Universal and accessible
Short-range trips
TEAGUE 2.jpg
Commuter Comfort
Balance of efficiency and warmth
Intermodal transit
Mid-range trips
TEAGUE 1.jpg
Joy and romance of travel
Novel features
Long-range trips
During my time on this project, I worked heavily on
Design Direction 01, Mass Transit Marvel. The work displayed dives deeper into this direction.
For Everyone,
Design for maximum throughput

Embrace everyone's freedom of movement

Humanize resilient system touch points
Untitled 66.png
Every Inch Counts
In addition to providing ADA-compliant seating, the door spaces can also be used for additional seating or stowage of large items.
The pods trip progress is projected with a laser onto an etched map of the route. The map displays emergency stations that dot the route. 
Untitled 67.png
Laser Accuracy
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