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a universal glove applicant and removal system. 
project  glide glove hook
discipline  industrial design
duration  4 weeks
team  2 members
thousands of homeowners trust in cleaning gloves to provide safety and cleanliness with the task at hand.  yet when the jobs done, germ and chemical contamination frequently occurs with user hand contact.
how might we reduce germ spread during the application and removal process of cleaning gloves?
we interviewed three individuals with different experience using cleaning gloves.  julia works in the food industry, richard cleans his house and chase works in the medical industry.
whether these users seek gloves to work with food, cleaning chemicals or biohazards, these individuals gave us insight into the scenarios, living environments and constraints they have regarding gloves themselves. 
      it's a dance to get them off
      without touching them"
                                            - julia
pain points.
germ contamination.
time consuming.
process +
rapid foam and cardboard prototypes. looking into forms that allow pinching + pulling necessary to remove and apply gloves. 
a cleaning glove applicant and removal system.
how it works
glide works to remove and apply standard household cleaning gloves without any user contact.
a universal glove applicant and removal system. 
additional work.
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