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Slip Rabbit
A summer exploration of clay and 3D printers.
Project  3D Printing Ceramics 
Discipline  Industrial Design
Duration  4 mo. 
Team  4 members
Slip Rabbit Studios is a digital ceramics studio located in Seattle, WA led by the founder Timea Tihanyi, an interdisciplinary artist and educator at the School of Art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington.
During this summer 2018 research internship, I worked alongside Timea and three other students with a ranging studies (from HCDE and graphic design to computer science) where I collaborated and learned from their own research journeys. 
My personal research was largely devoted to understanding the functionality, qualities and personality behind clay itself, in addition to working with the innovative 3D Potter.  This 3D printer reads g-code, a simple language that tells the machine where to move, how fast to move, and what path to follow. My design work focused on ergonomic, functional pots with tessellations and patterns in the clay texturing.  All equipment used is property of Slip Rabbit Studios, along with the honeybee model. 
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